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about US

Welcome to Salem Lutheran Children's Center.  We have been serving the Jarrettsville area and the surrounding communities for over thirty years with quality day care and Maryland State Department of Education approved three- and four-year-old preschool programs. We are located on Norrisville Rd. across from Jarrettsville Elementary School. Salem Lutheran Children's Center is an outreach ministry of Salem Lutheran Church and is licensed and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education as a non-profit preschool.

Our Mission

Early childhood learning occurs naturally through exploration and interactive play.  The learning environment should be a combination of undirected creative play and intentional teaching.  Our teachers work to create interesting learning experiences, while also taking advantage of unplanned learning opportunities that occur naturally.  Through engaging lesson planning, we hope to encourage children to explore their own interests and to be active problem solvers in their learning experience. Emotional engagement is a key to meaningful learning which is why we try to bring love, laughter, and significance to our lesson planning.  Our teachers always look for ways to personalize learning and to ignite the imagination.


Our classrooms are warm, caring, and supportive environments where children feel loved and safe.  We believe children feel the most secure when teachers have a genuine interest in caring for them. It is imperative that children are nurtured and respected as individuals.  

The quality of learning increases when preschools work together with families and communities.  Regular communication with parents is essential to benefit the growth of the child.

As an outreach ministry of Salem Lutheran Church, we strive to develop moral reasoning in children, helping to build an internalized code of ethics and support their spiritual development. Our teachers work to be strong role models and hope to model these values by encouraging honesty, compassion, and integrity. 

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